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At times, only a few files need to be added to an ArtiosCAD Enterprise project after the initial migration tool has been used. There are two efficient ways to accomplish this.

Full documentation regarding the Migration Tool can be found at this link by expanding the "Installing and Configuring ArtiosCAD Enterprise" node:


  1. Using the ArtiosCAD Browser:
    1. The explorer node at the bottom of the Project/File tree gives access to any local or network file(s) available to the user.
    2. Set up the browser view so that the destination project and the folder containing the unmanaged file(s) are visible.
    3. Select the folder that contains the unmanaged files. The browser will display the contents of the folder.
    4. Select the unmanaged file(s) and drag them to the project. Attributes and Characteristics may be added after the files are copied
    5. Completed view.
  2. Upload files using WebCenter:
    1. Log into WebCenter and go to the destination project. Click the yellow Upload button in the upper left of the web page.
    2. Choose Upload Multiple Documents or use the Browse... button to upload a single file.
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