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Which URL or link is used in a standard WebCenter Email Notification? How can I modify the URL used in Email Notifications?


The URL or link to connect to WebCenter that is used in Email Notifications, such as Upload Document, may depend on the source that triggers the Notification (WebCenter or another application) as well as WebCenter Preferences and any customizations that are in place.

Upload Source

In case no specific Host URL has been configured in the General Preferences or Email Customizations, the source determines the URL that is displayed in the Email Notification. The following list illustrates which URL is used in case of a document upload:

  • Upload in WebCenter: By default, the link that you used to connect to your WebCenter at the time of upload is used in the Email Notification. This includes the WebCenter Instance you used.
  • WebCenter SDK: The Host URL specified in the WebCenter Preferences is used.
  • Upload from Automation Engine: The link that you configured in the Automation Engine Configure tool is used (Pilot > Tools > Configure > WebCenter Sites).
  • Upload from Nexus: The URL from the Nexus WebCenter Upload step is used.

General Preferences

In the WebCenter General Preferences (Admin > Preferences > General), the Host URL can be configured. The Host URL setting, sets the URL at which the WebCenter site can be accessed. This is the URL used to send automatic Email Notifications (overdue approvals & tasks or workflow node notification) as well.

The Host URL for internal use setting, sets the URL at which internal components, like Automation Engine, can access the WebCenter site. Use this to go through the local network (using your WebCenter server's local computer name) instead of through the internet (using yourWebCenter server's public IP or computer name). You should use this if, due to your setup, the DNS does not know the WebCenter server's public name inside your Local Area Network. You can only use this when Automation Engine and WebCenter are on the same LANIf this is not filled in, Automation Engine will connect to WebCenter using the Host URL.

For both Host URL and Host URL for internal use, you can choose to use either http:// or https://. Choose the protocol defined during the WebCenter installation.

Email Customizations

In case customized Email Notifications have been applied, the WebCenter URL may be specified in URL.xsl. This file can be used to map the internal WebCenter URL to a URL that is accessible from the outside.

Read more about customizing URL.xsl in the WebCenter User Documentation.

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