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When launching ArtPro, the application crashes right after the splash screen.


ArtPro crashes right after showing the splash screen and generates a crash report. It is not possible to get any further after launching.

ArtPro complains about missing ArtPro module/lib files and crashes afterwards.


There are a number of things that you can try.

  1. First verify the system requirements and make sure the system meets the minimum requirements for the application.
  2. Next reboot the machine.
  3. Repair the permissions on the disk via the disk utility tool. This is installed by default on every mac and can be found in Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.
  4. Try to remove ArtPro preferences. It can be found in the user library (<Current User>\library\preferences\ArtPro).
  5. Try to remove the byhost file. It can be found in the user library (<Current User>\library\preferences\ByHost\com.esko.LicensePreferences... ... .plist)

If this doesn't work, it's possible that ArtPro is trying to open a file at startup which is kept in memory as recovery as a sort of safety net. There are two safety nets that can be used. One of which is dependent on the application and the other one is OS dependent.

The first one is the application support folder. It contains two subfolders where temporary recovery files are stored. The application support folder can also be found in the User library, <Current User>\library\Application Support\ArtPro. The second one as stated before is a safety net of the OS and can also be found in the library, Current user library\Saved Application State\com.Esko.ArtPro.savedState.

Remove these two folders and try to restart the application again.

As a last resort you can try to reinstall the application on the system. First remove the current installation and clean the receipts from Macintosh HD\system\library\receipts. Remove everything that has the name "ArtPro".

If nothing works, we will need to examine the crash report.

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