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When placing a 3D file in Adobe® Illustrator® that has a label area created in Studio Toolkit, the graphics appear rough and incorrectly distorted.


When the Collada file is placed in Adobe® Illustrator® and graphics are applied to the label, the graphics appear broken and rough.

The label area appears to have "cracks" and "voids" in it.

When warping is applied, the distortion is not as expected.


We suggest you re-scan the file at a lower resolution, resulting in a smoother mesh to apply a label.

Like any scanned object, you're also advised to clean up the mesh in a 3D app like Cinema4D, Modo or 3DSMax etc.

You only need to smoothen / weld the part where you want the label to appear, making sure that there are no glitches or holes in the geometry.

3D scanned objects can be compared to a 2D scanned drawing. This also requires cleaning up after scanning.

Esko also offers a 3D service to clean up files on request. To request, follow the instructions on our website:

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