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How can I easily pass documents to another computer from a WebCenter Project?


This is a simple process if you use a Workflow Folder and Push Through Configuration. A Workflow Folder automatically copies the files uploaded into it to another folder (on the same or another server).

To set up a Push Through Configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Login to WebCenter as an Admin user and choose Admin > Configuration > Push Through Configurations from the main menu. 

  2. Click New Push Through Configuration on the right to add a new configuration. 

  3. Enter a Configuration Name.
  4. In the Destination UNC field, type the path to the target folder in UNC format (for example \\MyWorkflowServer\Container_Data\WebCenter).
  5. Choose a File Naming option:
    • Document Name: Documents copied to the destination folder will keep their original WebCenter name.

    • [Project_name]_[Document_name]: Copied documents will get a file name consisting of the Project name, an underscore and the original Document name.

    • [Customer_name]_[Project_name]_[Document_name]: Copied documents will get a file name consisting of the Customer name, an underscore, the Project name, another underscore and finally the original Document name.

  6. Select None for Workflow Type.
  7. Make sure the Active Configuration check box is enabled and then click Create.

  8. Go to the Project where you want to move documents to a remote location.
  9. Select the Root Folder and choose Add Folder from the Actions menu to add a new Folder. 

  10. Enter a Folder Name and enable the Workflow Folder check box. 

  11. Select the Configuration you created before and click Create

Now any file you put into that folder will be "pushed" to the remote computer or share.

For more details, read the following sections in the WebCenter User Documentation: 

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