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In Gang Run Printing, how do I set up a (Export Nested Layout) Output Name that corresponds to the original input files?


Before answering this question,  let's first see the current way of working:

In Automation Engine 14.1.1, the default ticket Export Nested layout output file name is using the SmartName:

The example output file names could be:

  • Corrugated BC 7mm_2600x1600_100_368020162191.pdf
  • forex 3mm_1000x500_50_10784970005.pdf

If this file name is clear enough, you just need to adapt your Export Nested layout ticket in your Gang run output workflow.

Another suggestion is to use the orderID. If you have multiple graphics belonging to the same order and you only want graphics nested together on a sheet if they belong to the same order, pass the OrderID as grouping key and this will be available as a workflow parameter in the output workflow.

Back to the question, in case you really want the original graphic filename to be in the nested layout output filename (Q: if you have a layout with multiple graphic files on it, which graphic fiile name would you use?).  Anyway, you can get the wanted result by using workflow parameters.

The grouping keys are added automatically as workflow parameters for the output workflow.
  1. In Automation Engine Configure, define a grouping key to indicate a customized nesting file name.
  2. In the Submit to Gang Run ticket (in the first workflow) > Extra, use the File SmartName to indicate the nesting file name.
  3. In the output workflow (the second workflow), use workflow parameter SmartNames to define your output nesting file name (you need to launch the workflow twice, the first time it will add the workflow parameter, then you can define the output name by using workflow parameter SmartNames).

As the file name is used as grouping key, other files can not be nested on the same sheet.

Another solution will be:

This needs advanced Automation Engine knowledge or Contact Customer Support.

  • Generate the nesting file as it is now, but also create an XML report.
  • After the Export nested layout task, use a CopyMove task to rename the file as you want (you can extract the needed SmartNames from the XML report file, e.g.: graphic file name).
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Automation Engine 14.0 and newer

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