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Opening a file from Pilot, on a Mac, causes an additional share to mount on the desktop.


From the Automation Engine Pilot Open or Explore to a file. The file will open but an SMB share is mounted even though the file is located on an AFP share and it is already mounted on the desktop.


The AFP share needs to be mounted on the desktop the same way the container was made in the Pilot.

  1. Get Info on the mounted share on the Mac desktop.
  2. Check the Server path.

  3. Get Info on the share that mounted when opening the file from Pilot.

  4. Notice the extra info in the path ._afpovertcp._tcp.local. for the share that was mounted on the Mac. This is the reason it doesn’t work.
  5. Unmount and remount the original AFP share so that it shows up like the share when mounted from Pilot.
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