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Why do I get three rows blacked out when reading P2POGB in Curve Pilot?

When I loaded the Esko P2POGB target in the Curve Pilot PressSync to measure press targets, it displays three rows that are blacked out. The I/O reads and measures the target and appears to calculate correctly.


The data is correct for creating Curves.

Curve Pilot is designed around ‘curve sets’, one curve set representing aim settings, measurements and curves for one specific printing condition (its characterization, profile, etc).

The measurement module included in Curve Pilot is dedicated towards that purpose: Measurements are imported for a specific curve set, the measurements are compared towards desired values that are pre-set for that curve set. Any patch that is not relevant for the curve set or for which the desired value is not known/ setup is indicated with a black triangle.

The module is not a generic press sheet measurement tool, e.g.: you cannot select a specific profile to compare the measured patches with.
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