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Once your file reaches Export of the Nested Layout, the file no longer contains any Job information.

This is troublesome when you want to put the nested files back into the original Job folder. To be able to do so, we have to use what we call grouping keys. These grouping keys are used in the first workflow to send to the Gang Run and are handed over to the second workflow to export the nested layouts.

How to Set-up:

  1. Go to the Automation Engine Pilot > Tools menu > Configure > Gang Run Printing.
  2. In this window, name one of the Custom Fields JobName and another FileName.
  3. Make sure to check Use as grouping key.
  4. Go to File menu > save and close the Configure.
  5. Go back to your Automation Engine Pilot and open the Submit to Gang run task from your first workflow.
  6. Go to the Extra tab and Fill in the new custom fields with smart names. For example: JobName: [Job Name] and FileName: [File]
  7. Save the ticket.
  8. Now launch a task using this workflow.
This will cause the file passing through this workflow to hold on to both the job name as well as its original file name and convert them into personal workflow parameters.
  1. Go to the gang run printing queue and release your tasks.

    These files won’t group because the File names aren’t the same and we chose to use this value as a grouping key. Don’t worry, this is expected. We will change this later on.
  2. Go to the Automation Engine tasks view and open your workflow of the Export Nested Layouts.
  3. Go to Tools > Manage workflow parameters and verify that the JobName and FileName got added. You can now use these as a workflow parameter Smart Name in your ticket.
  4. Open your Export Nested Layout task and go to the Production files tab.
  5. Select the Output name field and click the SmartName icon.
  6. Choose Workflow parameters and insert the wfp.FileName.
    1. Don’t forget to add a file separator like [Short Task ID].
  7. Select Print Files/Cutting Files/Report Files and browse to desired output folder.
  8. Highlight the Job name within the folder file path and click the SmartName icon.
  9. Choose Workflow parameters and insert the wfp.JobName.
  10. Click OK and save this workflow.
  11. Now, go back to Tools menu > Configure > Gang Run Printing.
  12. Uncheck Use as grouping key for the custom field named FileName.
  13. Save and close the configure tool.

As a test, you can now launch a workflow again and release the task in the Gang run printing queue. If you check your original Job folder, the files should now appear with the original file name.

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Automation Engine 14.0

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