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As a user, I would like to merge several PDF's containing any number of separations into one PDF.


By using the Version PDF ticket, you can merge several PDF files into one single PDF file. Next steps will guide you through the process of creating such a PDF file.

  1. Select your primary PDF file (this will be your base PDF file).
  2. Open the Version PDF ticket and you will see the following screen:
  3. Select an output folder.
  4. Click the + button to add a version file. This will show you the following pop-up screen.

    1. The Version Folder indicates the actual location of the secondary PDF you wish to merge with the base PDF.
    2. The Version File represents the actual name of the Secondary PDF file (do not forget to add the extension name).
    3. The Output File indicates the name of the newly created, merged PDF file (do not forget to add the extension name). 
  5. Set the Order to Base on top. This will add the primary PDF on top of your secondary PDF file.
  6. Click Launch.
The "Version PDF" ticket is only available in the Automation Engine Processor Module.
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