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Creating Device Link gives the following error. No Device Link is generated.

The Color Engine Pilot encountered an error while calculating the Device Link.
For more information, please consult the log file.

Log file contains the following message:

WARNING  : Starting the CMS Device Link Calculator...
WARNING  : Device Link Name:
WARNING  : Device Link Product:
WARNING  : Initializing CMS...
WARNING  : Initialization of CMS completed...
WARNING  : Kaleidoscope could not load the Device Link from the database.

The bg_data_cms_v010 central resource share is not accessible to the user who has logged in to the PC using Color Engine Pilot.

On the Central Resource Server, define the share settings correctly. The share settings will need Read/Write access. The default Central Resource Server is the Automation Engine PC.

  1. Browse to x:\Esko\bg_data_cms_v010.
  2. Right click on the folder and choose Properties.
  3. Click Sharing tab and Share button.
  4. Type everyone in the textbox next to the Add button and then click the Add button.
  5. Everyone will then be added in the field below. Adjust Permission Level to Read/Write and then click Share.

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