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This article describes how to create a Viewer Checklist using the feature in WebCenter 14.1 that allows displaying Document Attributes in the HTML5 Viewer. For different Roles/Groups, a different Checklist can be displayed. This article uses an example that can be imported in your system as a starting point.

This solution allows to create a very basic Checklist in the Viewer that can be used as a guideline for QA. This Checklist cannot prevent Approval / Rejection nor does it display User Names and Dates.


Follow these steps to create a Viewer Checklist starting from the example:

  1. Import the sample Attribute Category ViewerChecklist.xml in your system. For help, see Importing Attribute Categories.
  2. Inspect the new Attribute Category, note that different Views have been created for 'Viewer' and specific Groups or Roles. You may want to rename Views or create additional Views later. See additional information below.
  3. Attach the new Attribute Category to a Graphics file.

  4. Open the file in the Viewer. You will now see the Attributes widget in the Viewer, most likely showing the 'Viewer' view. If permissions allow you to do so, you will now be able to edit Attributes directly in the Viewer. Attributes can be saved by clicking the Save icon at the top of the widget. 

    The different Views in the example (click to enlarge):

  5. To add or remove Checklist items, simply modify the Restricted Sets attached for the Checklist Attributes. 

In case you do not wish to start from the example, use the information below to create a new Attribute Category with Viewer views, or add one or more Viewer views to an existing Attribute Category.

About Showing Attributes in the Viewer

When the user opens the Viewer or switches between documents, the Viewer checks if the active document has an Attribute Category. In case the Attribute Category has one of the following Views (case insensitive), the Attribute Category widget is displayed containing this View (including Visibility rules):

  • Viewer
  • Viewer [Role] 
  • Viewer [Group] 

If the document does not have any Attributes or no Viewer optimized view, the Attribute Category widget is not displayed. In case of multiple Role and/or Group Views, the user can toggle between these Views (but not the default Viewer view) using a selector. The applicable views are ordered alphabetically and by default the first applicable view is enabled.

If the user has Edit Properties permissions on the Project/Folder the document resides in, the user can edit the Attributes within the widget (providing they have been set to Editable in the Attribute Category View). If the user does not have Edit Properties rights, the Attribute Category is displayed in Read-Only mode.

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