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When trying to submit files from Automation Engine to Nexus, the task fails and shows the below messages:

"WARN No WF corresponding 1on1 to: nexus://NameOfNexusServer:5182/NameOfHotfolder@NameOfNexusWorkflow?QueueID=205211"

"Unknown Workflow: nexus://NameOfNexusServer:5182/NameOfHotfolder@NameOfNexusWorkflow?QueueID=205211"

"Problem while Submitting towards nexus://NameOfNexusServer:5182/NameOfHotfolder@NameOfNexusWorkflow?QueueID=205211"


Automation Engine is no longer able to submit files to Nexus workflows, which previously worked fine.


The above message means that Automation Engine can not communicate to the NexusSOAPServer component.

  1. On your Nexus server, stop the Nexus Control application. This will stop all the other Nexus components as well.
  2. Start the Control application again.
  3. In Automation Engine Pilot, go to the Tools Menu > Configure > Nexus and select your Nexus site. Click the Check Connection button.
  4. If this returns Connection OK, then you can submit files to your Automation Engine workflow again.
  5. If submitting files from Automation Engine to Nexus would still not work, then please contact Esko support for further assistance.

In some rare circumstances, customers can have too many modules compared to the amount of processor cores on the Nexus Server. If this is the case, deleting the extra modules can fix the issue as well.

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Automation Engine 14.0.1

Nexus 10.1.3

Last revised 
CW Number309767


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  1. When you are at step 3 –> remove the Nexus Server save this and add the server again. Then go to step 4