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(PowerShell) Scripts executed by the Automation Engine Script Runner fail with the following error while trying to access network paths:

"Permission Denied".


When manually testing, the PowerShell Script (accessing network shares) executes OK. When executing it over the Automation Engine Script Runner on the Automation Engine Server, it fails with "Permission Denied".


Change the user under which the Script Runner Service is running (default is Local System account, which often doesn't have permissions on network locations) to a user that has full permission on the shares. This usually is the case for the user running the BGMD Service (default local BGSystem):

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > open the Windows Server Manager.
  2. Expand the Configuration node and click Services.
  3. Locate the EG Script Runner service > right click to open the contextual menu > click Properties > Log On.
  4. Fill in an account that has full permission on the network shares (f.i.: the account used for BGMD).

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