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Useful links

  • If you're new to Esko licensing, you can check out the introduction:
    • Page:
    KB197363888: Introduction to Esko licensing
  • Prerequisites - what do you need to view and download your licenses?

    (tick) An Esko ID (account - your e-mail address) with 'License Admin'-role, so you can access

    • The person who ordered the subscriptions (and who also receives all e-mails) automatically becomes 'License Admin' too.
    • If you don't have access, you can go to the Manage Esko ID portal and ask your Organization Owner to give assign the License Admin-role to you.

    How to view and download your licenses?

    1. Go to
    2. Depending on what you want to see, choose 'Not Activated', 'Activated Per Product', 'Activated Per Computer'
    3. When clicking on a line, you will see the details
    4. When clicking on the download-button, you'll download the HTML-file
    In this view...You can see the following...And you can do the following...
    Not Activated
    • All HTML-files that are not yet activated
    • If a HTML-file is created to upgrade the licenses on a certain computer, you'll see it in the File Type (once an upgrade key file has been activated, it will not be marked as upgrade anymore)
    • If a license is about to expire within 10 days, it will be marked and we will show the number of remaining days
    Download HTML-files, so you can activate them
    Activated Per Product
    • All activated licenses, grouped by product
    • If you want to see for a specific product which licenses you have and where they are activated, just click on the product
    • If a license is about to expire within 10 days, it will be marked and we will show the number of remaining days
    Activated Per Computer
    • All activated licenses, listed per computer
    • This view can help you to make sure every user has the correct Esko licenses
    • If a license is about to expire within 10 days, it will be marked and we will show the number of remaining days
    Download a HTML-file per computer, if you need to transfer them to another computer

    How to use the filters

    • If you don’t select any filter, you see all your licenses
    • The Locations filter is only visible if your company has multiple locations and if you have access to all locations
    • In each filter, you can always select one or more items
    • You will only see items that apply to you
      • If you don’t have any ArtPro license, ArtPro will not be visible
      • You only see the locations with valid licenses
    • You can remove items in three ways:
      1. By clicking Clear all filters at the top-right
      2. By removing them below the filter box
      3. By canceling them in the filter list

    How does it work?

    • License types: if you select ‘Permanent licenses’ and ‘Network Licenses’, you will only see your permanent network licenses (AND)
    • Products: if you filter on ArtiosCAD and ArtPro, you will see both licenses for ArtPro and ArtiosCAD (OR)
    • Locations: if you filter on Belgium and France, you will see all licenses in Belgium and France (OR)

    How to create a csv-report with your licenses?

    1. In any of the views, click 'Export to CSV'
    2. The CSV-report that will be created contains all licenses even if you have applied filters in your view.
    3. Using the filter-options in Excel, you can apply the same filters.

    This column...


    Company name

    Name of your company (or site) as registered in our systems


    Country of your company as registered in our systems


    City of your company as registered in our systems


    Code assigned by Esko to uniquely identify your company or site (you also need this code when creating an Esko ID)


    Name of the HTML-file in which your product keys are bundled when they are created


    Product group to which the license belongs

    E.g.: ArtiosCAD, Automation Engine,...


    Product for which you have a license


    Unique code you need to provide when you want to activate a license (typically you activate licenses per HTML-file)

    This field is empty for upgrade licenses, you receive the product key itself at the time of upgrade


    Computer name on which the licenses are activated

    If a product key is not activated yet, this is empty


    • Activated: the license is currently activated on a computer
    • Not activated: the license is currently not activated and can be activated on any computer


    • Local: the license can only be used on the computer where it is activated
    • Network: the license is activated on a license server, and can be used on any computer that can connect to the license server


    Number of licenses that you have


    • Permanent: this license is valid forever (unless you upgrade it)
    • Temporary: this license is valid until a certain date
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    Applies to

    All Esko software with activation-based licensing

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