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If your WebCenter Project name contains illegal Windows characters (for example: \/:*?"<>|), the creation of the Job on Automation Engine fails when synchronizing.


  • When you sync your WebCenter Project with Automation Engine (manual or via Workflow), the Job is not created because Automation Engine tries to use the Project name as folder name.
  • Your Project name contains illegal Windows characters (for example: \/:*?"<>|).
  • When you inspect the JDF response (for example: via the log file when you have JDF logging enabled), there is an error message: "Exception of class ELM_EDirCreationException ... Problem creating folder for Job ...".


In WebCenter 14.1.1, illegal Windows file/folder characters in the Order ID of a Sync or Submit Workflow operation will be replaced by an '_'.


Several possible workarounds exist for the problem:

  1. Remove or replace the illegal Windows characters in your Project name in WebCenter and try to synchronize again.
  2. Use a different parameter in the configuration tab of the project for the Order ID/SubOrder ID. You can for instance take a combination of Project Attributes which do not contain any invalid characters. Be aware to select (a combination of) Attributes which are unique. 
  3. Reconfigure the Job Location on Automation Engine to use a different property than the Job Name.   
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