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You have added a Line Type Legend to your report, but the Rule Types are not represented correctly. They show as solid lines with only one color represented.



This result is due to the fact that the ArtiosCAD Defaults > Property Default > Text setting is global and will affect all text used. Selecting a specific color will override the Plotting Style default that a Line Type Legend needs to display properly.

This is a picture of the Plotting Style. As you can see, the plotting style includes the colors and line representations needed so that the Legend displays properly. Choosing a single color for the default will not include any of this information.

As an alternative, the Line Type Legend text property can be changed when creating the report instead of changing a text default that you would like to use globally.

  1. To set the Plotting Style in the report, change the Line Representation Calculated Text properties to the default Plotting Style. Double click the Calculated Text Variable in the report and choose Use Plotting Style in the Color drop-down.
  2. Once you save the report, the Line Type Legend will represent the Rule Types correctly.
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