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In an Attribute Category, you may sometimes need to link one Attribute to different Lists. 

For example, the Attribute Country needs to be linked to the List containing Brands, but also the List containing Marketing users. It is currently not possible to link one Attribute to multiple Lists, but there is a workaround.


Follow these steps to create an additional Attribute to work around the limitation:

  1. Create an additional hidden Attribute for the Attribute you want to link to multiple Lists. For example: If you have an Attribute called Country, create an extra Attribute called Country_Marketing.

  2. Add the Attribute Country_Marketing to your Attribute Category, make sure it is set to hidden.

  3. Link Country to one List and Country_Marketing to the other List.

  4. Setup a button that copies the value set to Country to the Attribute Country_Marketing. Make the button hidden and execute On change of Attribute Country

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