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When running a workflow, that sends a file to FlexProofE, it fails with a "No license" error.


The workflow fails with the following error:

--------------------- Start creation of verification strip ---------------------

INFO: will use Eye one IO as verification measuring device

INFO:  Creating verification info for EFI strip

INFO: Wrapping TIFF file in PDF

--------------------- Start creation of wrapper strip ---------------------

Entered stage "Waiting to Initialize"

Entered stage "Initializing"

ERROR: You have no valid license or all licenses are in use.

brixsdb : error during initialisation

Entered stage "Working"

-------------------------- wrapper strip created --------------------------

ERROR: Error while wrapping EFI tiff in PDF

Error: could not create PDF strip of EFI tiff!

ERROR: Error while creating the verification strip!


Open the Task Manager and stop the logonsvr.exe task. It will immediately restart and the task should complete.

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Applies to

Automation Engine 14.0.1

Last revised 
CW Number00520095