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ARD file is output to a sample output, but is also outputting non desired layers such as Annotations and Dimensions. How to output only main design layer to plotter without annotations and dimensions?


  • The output preview also shows annotations and dimensions whereas the goal is to output only Main Design layer.
  • In the design file itself, there are multiple layers enabled such as Main Design, Annotations, Dimensions.


Make sure that:

  1.  Via Menu Options > Defaults > (Shared) Defaults > Outputs > <concerned output> > Properties > View tab:
     View selection > Layer set selection: User defined is selected and for Available Layers, Designs is selected.
  2. Via Menu Options > Defaults > (Shared) Defaults > Outputs > <concerned output> > Properties > Output Type tab:
    Change from Plot to Sample Output Type first, in order to see other tabs (you need the tab Sample Lline Types in the next step):
  3. Via Menu Options > Defaults > (Shared) Defaults > Outputs > <concerned output> > Properties > Sample Line Types tab, make sure for Line Types: Annotation, bleed, print image and Text are selected, the Samplemaking tool is not set to, for e.g.: Sample pen 1, because then it will be considered as part of the 'Design'. If needed, change the tool to Do not draw.
  4. In the Directories tab, make sure you add the extension .PDF in case you are modifying a PDF output.

Save these changes in the (Shared) Defaults.

Now, no matter what layers are enabled in the ARD file itself, it will only output the Main Design. This can be checked via the Output Preview.

An incorrect modification of values and parameters in the ArtiosCAD Defaults can cause critical problems that might lead to severe problems in the correct functioning of the program. Esko cannot guarantee the proper working of your ArtiosCAD installation due to an incorrect handling of parameters and settings. A reinstall might be mandatory in order to restore the original system state. For this reason, Esko recommends that you take regular backups of the ServerLib (Shared Defaults) folder, the database and the FileStore.

Please contact your local Esko Support team in case you need more advice related to backups.

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