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Do Esko products support Mac OS X El Capitan?


OS X 10.11 "El Capitan" is the latest update of Apple's MAC OS X operating system, which includes performance improvements, updated apps, improved search, etc. and will be released to the public on September 30, 2015. As with previous releases, it will be a free and very easy update. However, Esko Software products do not support Mac OS X El Capitan yet.

It's important that you do not automatically upgrade your Mac to El Capitan but first check the list of supported products below.

The affected products:

ProductEl Capitan supportSupported as of ...      
ArtPro(tick)October 2015 (v14.1.1)
ArtPro+ on Mac(tick)January 2016 (v14.1.1)
DeskPack for Adobe® Illustrator®(tick)October 2015 (v14.1.1)
DeskPack for Adobe® Photoshop®      (tick)October 2015 (v14.1.1)
Studio(tick)October 2015 (v14.1.1)
DotSpy(tick)January 2016 (v4.5.6)
Automation Engine Mac Client(tick)January 2016 (v14.1.1)
i-cut Layout Essential and i-cut Preflight(tick)Currently supported (v14.0.1)
Neo(tick)Feb 2016 (v10.1.4)
Local License Manager, Network License Manager(tick)July 2015 (v14.1)
Esko Proof Client (tick)March 2016 (v14.1.1 + HF 1407002)

If you have any questions, please contact Esko Support:

For more information, please also visit the System requirements page:

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