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Adobe® Illustrator® has a hard time opening files from the Automation Engine Server, whether opened from Windows Explorer/Finder or directly from Automation Engine.


Sometimes Illustrator® will freeze and crash, other times it opens after a long time and sometimes displays an Illustrator® error.


Make sure that the Automation Engine share is mounted correctly, using the bgsystem user.

To mount the share using bgsystem,

  1. Make sure that the share is unmounted or disconnected.
  2. Open the Automation Engine Pilot and select a file in the share.
  3. Press command/control+E (or go to View > Explore) to "Explore" to the folder.

Automation Engine will mount the share correctly, using the bgsystem user. If you don't have Automation Engine, you can manually add the share in Windows Explorer or Finder, making sure that you authenticate as bgsystem and use the default password.

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