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When loading a file in the Merger an error message about a template and an image-size which does not fit appears. Depending on the software version the following message will be displayed:


Template and image-size do not match !

Freehand-Tool-Template and image-size do not match !


Vorlage und Bildgröße passen nicht zueinander !

Freehand-Tool-Template und Bildgröße passen nicht zueinander !

Spanish¡Plantillas y tamaños de la imagen no concuerdan!
FrenchModèle et taille d'image ne correspondent pas l'un à l'autre !
ItalianTemplate e grandezza immagine non corrispondono tra loro !
DutchSjabloon en beeldgrootte passen bij elkaar!
Chinese simplified范本和图文件尺寸不匹配
Chinese traditional範本和圖檔尺寸不匹配!

Common causes

The template mentioned in the message is related to the Microcross or Centerline workflow. There you can save the microcross or centerline pattern into a template. To apply this template, the file name of the image needs to contain the template name. This is explained in the DFS-Tools user documentation:

This error happens if the dimensions of the loaded image do not fit the dimensions in the template file.

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Check if the customer has a Microcross or Centerline license in the file "products.txt" in the run folder of the Digital Flexo Suite. Look for the following entries:

                    CENTERLINES            [ Enabled ]

                    MICROCROSS             [ Enabled ]

  2. In the case you find these entries the template name of the image is wrong or the size of the image is wrong. This is then a mistake of the customer.

  3. In the case you can NOT find these entries this is an error of version 12 and the early versions of 14:

                Rename the folder "FTPL" to "FTPL_OLD" in the run folder of the Digital Flexo Suite and restart the Merger.

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