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ArtiosCAD updates the canvas with any updates to print item definitions in the revised part, but it does not delete print items in the canvas if they were deleted in the revised part and it does not change the definition of the print item in the canvas if it was changed in the revised part. Basically, the canvas rules.

Below are some examples of how print items work with canvas files and parts.

Example 1

Print items added on the canvas level

Any print items added on the canvas level are retained in each part after saving the canvas and exporting the parts. Whatever print item was active when the parts were saved will be the active print item when the individual part(s) is opened.

Print item added on canvas level.

Result after exporting parts 1 and 2




Example 2

When a design with print items is imported into a canvas

The layers will be added to the canvas but the actual print item from the imported design will not be added.

Imported part's print items

Canvas shows new layers (outside bleed, outside coating1), but they will not be active on the canvas level.

The imported part will display the canvas print items once it is saved as a revision or version.

Example 3

When a print item is added to a part

New print_item3 is added to part. Part is saved.

Sync dialog appears when canvas file is opened.

Print item is added on the canvas level.

Example 4

Deleting a print item from a part

Print_item3 deleted from part 1

The print item will not be deleted from the canvas after the canvas and part file are synced. A print item can be deleted directly from the canvas if desired.

Canvas view after sync. Note that Print_Item3 is retained.

Example 5

Renaming a print item in a part

The renamed print item will be added to the canvas. The original print item will not be overwritten in the canvas.

Print_item3 renamed in part

Renamed print item is added to the canvas level.

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