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When releasing multiple files from a gang run queue, cut files are all named the same causing the first one to be overwritten.


When releasing multiple jobs from the gang run queue, the .cut files are named with the date/time stamp. When two files are processed at the same time, one over writes the other. When forcing out multiple jobs at the same time, and using i-cut Marks for barcode, it creates the .cut file with the date/time stamp. When multiple jobs are forced out, it may over write one file with another if they are done at the exact same time.


This problem is solved in Automation Engine 16.1.1 (released on January 2018). When exporting to multiple cut file formats, the content of the i-script bar code was overruling the cut file name for all cutting files except the first exported file.


When using the i-cut barcode, make sure that either:

  • the first 11 characters in the output name is variable. This could be achieved by starting the name with [Short Task ID] (reconfigure the workflow). or,
  • the i-cut barcode contains a timestamp, so the cut file will have a variable name (reconfigure the smart name).


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Automation Engine 14.1

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