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What is Imaging Engine, and where do I find more information on migration to Imaging Engine?


Imaging Engine is Esko’s high performance RIP solution for the CDI and other platemaking devices.

Main features of Imaging Engine

  • Powered by the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) giving industry standard rendering with high quality
  • High performance by being able to take advantage of the latest multiprocessing 64 bit servers
  • Broad range of screening is available, for flexo and offset printing
  • Integrates seamlessly with an Automation Engine workflow, making it easy to use in an automated way
  • A range of other tools and options for calibration and viewing of RIPped files

If you don’t have Imaging Engine, you can find general information here, or contact your Esko representative.

Migration of earlier Esko RIP solutions

Customers with FlexRip, Nexus Rip and Odystar Rip are recommended to migrate to Imaging Engine, since this will provide continuing quality output, consistency, and reliability combined with the features of Imaging Engine mentioned above.

In many cases, customers with earlier RIP solutions will receive Imaging Engine software included in the maintenance contract. During a migration, the customer receives Imaging Engine in addition to the earlier RIP solution. This means that the earlier RIP solution can still be used for re-print jobs with 100% confidence.

When should I migrate?

The earlier RIP solutions are still supported by Esko so there is no need to migrate immediately.

FlexRip is covered by standard support in your contract until June 2018, and NexusRip is covered until June 2017. You are recommended to plan to migrate well before these end of support dates in order to give time for a smooth transition.

Imaging Engine is a very different product from your earlier RIP solution, and so may not have exactly the same features as your earlier solution. Some Imaging Engine features are still to be added in future versions.

In order to advise you on the best migration timing and plan, Esko has created a team of "Imaging Engine migration experts" in the service department. If you have one of the earlier RIP solutions, and are interested in migration then please contact your Esko representative who will arrange for a migration expert to check your specific case in detail.

Where to find more information

The Imaging Engine user documentation can be found here.

You can also search the Knowledge Base for articles about Imaging Engine.

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