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In Automation Engine 14.0.x, Gang Run layouts are named by default based on the substrate. This can sometimes create errors where multiple layouts have the same name and overwrite existing files.


Multiple Layouts are expected, but only a few actually exist even though multiple Nesting workflows were run.


This behavior is a result of using special characters in the name of the substrate or substrate size, such as asterisks ( * ). Since Automation Engine names the output .pdfpla files by substrate and substrate size, any special characters in the substrate name or substrate size name will cause the file name to terminate after the special character.

For example, with substrate name 3mm ACM and substrate size 48x96, the output name may be "3 mm ACM_48x96_1_726329327827.pdfpla".

If we have illegal characters in the substrate size name though, such as 48*96, the output name may be "3 mm ACM_48.pdfpla" due to the illegal character. Therefore, any layout that is generated on that particular substrate and substrate size will have the same name and overwrite previous files.

This problem has been fixed in Automation Engine 16.1, no truncation of the file name happens any longer.

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Automation Engine 14.x

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