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How do I find out the minimum and optimal system requirements for the Esko Digital Front End (DFE) that I will use with my digital press?


Please request the system requirements from the digital press vendor that supplies and supports the DFE for your press.

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The Esko DFE is a turnkey software solution to drive digital presses, developed by Esko. The DFE contains a RIP, Color Management and a number of other functions.

Esko does not directly sell the DFE to end customers or provide direct first line support for the DFE. Esko supplies the DFE to a number of digital press vendors, who deliver the DFE to end customers along with a digital press. The press vendor provides installation, training and first line support for the DFE.

Esko cannot provide complete system requirements (e.g.: hardware or operating system specifications) for the DFE because:

  • The are a number of types of DFE supplied, depending on the press to be driven and the system requirements may vary.
  • New versions of the DFE are created regularly (which may have different  system requirements) and it is the decision of the press vendor as to what versions to deploy and support with their press.
  • The press vendor may need to install additional software or systems along with the DFE, in order to correctly drive the specific press. This might affect the system requirements.

Due to these factors, Esko recommends that you obtain the most, up to date, accurate and complete system requirements by contacting the vendor of the digital press that will be driven by the DFE.

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