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How to add Automation Engine job parameters into an ArtPro Action List?


  1. Make a test job in Automation Engine which contains all the job parameters you want to insert into your ArtPro Action Lists. It is important to have the job parameter names available. To set up the workflow, the values of the job parameters do not really matter.
  2. Open the test job in Pilot. This opens the job context, which is needed to see the job parameters in the workflow. Outside the job context, the job parameters are not shown.
  3. Go to the Tickets view in Pilot from within the job context and then open the workflow.
  4. In the ArtPro Action List Editor, you can right click on a parameter to make it Public.

    For some parameters it is not possible to make them public. In that case, the "make public" option will not be available.
  5. Save the ArtPro Action List on your Automation Engine Server, in C:\Esko\bg_data_custom_v010\dat\ArtPro Action Lists.
  6. Select your ArtPro Action List in the Apply ArtPro Action List task in the Automation Engine workflow. Now you will see a list of all the parameters which you have made public in the ArtPro Action List. Here, you can now select your job parameters as Smart Names. In the Smart Names window, in the left column, there will be a value Job Parameters. If you select it, the right-hand column will show the job parameters from the active job context.

    If your job does not have job parameters, the Job Parameters value will not be available.
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Automation Engine 14.1.0

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