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Creating Jobs in Automation Engine from WebCenter using a specific Project/Template can fail in case SmartNames were incorrectly used in the Workflow Connection configuration.


Following symptoms may occur:

  • The JDF is sent to Automation Engine but is not processed.
  • This only happens with some Projects, not all.
  • SmartNames are in the Workflow Connection configuration in the Project (or Template).
  • SmartNames where typed in manually.


In this case, it is likely that the SmartNames for OrderID and/or SubOrderID where typed in incorrectly. This causes Automation Engine to be unable to process the JDFs that are sent from WebCenter.

To resolve the issue, inspect your Project/Template Workflow Connection configuration and make sure to add any SmartNames using the SmartName button (+[ ]) and dropdown.

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Applies to

WebCenter 14.0 and newer

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Case Number00544323