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When starting and opening designs in ArtiosCAD, the files are not easily located and requires navigation to the correct directory.


All the design files are not in the startup directory when first opening ArtiosCAD. Other odd behaviors can occur when the DataCenter Admin's Server and Resources value do not match the value in the Start-In directory.


  1. After starting the DataCenter Admin application, click on Server and Resources to see where ArtiosCAD's database looks for the design files.
  2. The Resource list column's 2 and 3 show exactly where ArtiosCAD designs are stored.
  3. Right click the ArtiosCAD icon to open the properties.
  4. Change the Start-In value to match the top level directory in Resources.

There are instances where the DataCenter Admin "Server" and "Resources" are incorrect. Please contact Esko Support to get help during those situations.

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