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Each time when you try to save a PowerTrapper Trap Preset, ArtPro crashes.


You can open the PowerTrapper Trap settings and edit them. But when you try to save a new Trap Preset, ArtPro crashes.


Check in what location, your Trap Presets are saved.
In the PowerTrapper menu:

  • If there is a hard drive icon next to the Trap Preset field, then hover over it for a few seconds. It will show you where the trap presets file will be saved. The default location is on the workstation in the folder: Users/Shared/EskoArtwork/Trap Tickets/
  • If it shows the Automation Engine icon, then your settings are stored on your Automation Engine Server in the folder C:\Esko\bg_data_custom_v010\dat\trap.

Make sure your Mac user has read and write permissions on the Trap Tickets folder and that there are no accented or special characters in the username or hard drive name.

When the settings are saved on the Automation Engine Server,

  1. In the Mac OS X Finder, select Go > Connect to Server...
  2. Go to smb://Your-AE-Server-Name/bg_data_custom_v010.

If the above would not solve the issue, then you can also try to change the location where the trap presets are saved. You can change this via the Load Trap Presets From option in the ArtPro Preferences.

The Browse... option allows you to select a different folder. This only works for Trap Presets saved locally on your Mac. The location of the settings saved on the server cannot be changed.



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ArtPro 14.1.1

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