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Can I run different versions of DeskPack on the same station?


The answer is 'no' and 'yes'.

No: When upgrading your station, all compatible Adobe® Illustrator® versions will be upgraded to the same DeskPack version you are installing.

So you can't choose which Adobe® Illustrator® version you want to update.

Yes: When you have an Adobe® Illustrator® version running which is not compatible with the DeskPack version you are installing, the unsupported Illustrator® version will not be upgraded.

For example, you have a station with Adobe® Illustrator® CS5 and CS6, both running DeskPack 12.1. When upgrading to DeskPack 14, the Illustrator® CS6 will be running DeskPack 14 afterwards, but CS5 will still be on DeskPack 12.1 as DeskPack 14 does not support CS5.

To know which version is compatible you can check out the System Requirements page on, or go to DeskPack Compatibility Matrix:

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