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ArtiosCAD fails to create a PDF output with U3D functionality. It creates a static PDF instead.


  • When the user has admin rights, the U3D functionality works as expected. But for a normal user it fails by not generating the U3D content on the PDF.
  • The installed Adobe® version meets the minimal ArtiosCAD system requirements.
  • There is a valid license module for PDF Import/Export activated (else a regular PDF export would also fail).

    These modules are only visible on old license bundles or upgraded from old versions before 7.7.
  • The PDF Import/Export component is installed via the ArtiosCAD installer (else a regular PDF export would also fail).


When exporting to PDF with U3D, ArtiosCAD writes a temporary file in the Windows Current user Temp folder. If the users don't have write permissions on that folder, ArtiosCAD fails to create U3D and creates a static PDF instead.

On your Windows workstation, open the System Variables in order to check which path is set for the Temp folder:

There are two solutions:


  1. Give the regular Windows user read/write permissions on the Temp folder.
  2. In the ArtiosCAD, set the Temp directory to use System TEMP directory via ArtiosCAD Defaults > Startup Defaults > Local Temp directory.

Solution 2:

  1. Adapt the path of the system Temp folder to another path where regular Windows users have read/write permissions, for ex. 'C:\Temp'.
  2. In the ArtiosCAD, select the second radio button Specify and set the Temp directory to for ex. 'C:\Temp' via ArtiosCAD Defaults > Startup Defaults > Local Temp directory.
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