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My Automation Engine Server's Maximum number of files that can be viewed simultaneously parameter is set to four. However, when I open a fifth file (not 'prepared for Viewer'), there is no error message (see:

) and the Viewer does open the file.

How does this exactly work?


The Maximum number of files that can be viewed simultaneously limit will not necessarily block an extra user from opening a file.

This function is designed to prevent a server from getting overloaded when too many people are actively using the Viewer. If there is no activity (zooming, measuring...) on a file already opened in the Viewer, then this streaming session will be closed (since it is no longer adding load on the server).

To continue with the example of the limit of four files: only when there is (constant) activity on four files in the Viewer, a limit message will pop up for a fifth user. If one of the files was opened but is inactive, then the fifth user will take the file streaming session of the inactive user. If that inactive user suddenly becomes active (by zooming, measuring...) then that user will get the limit message, preventing him/her to further review the file.

This system avoids too many interruptions and error messages for the Viewer users, pro-actively checking if the streaming sessions are actually in use and, if not, closing the non-active ones and allowing the new user to stream and review the file.

This is documented in the Automation Engine Complete Manual (> QA tools > Viewer > File Selector). See the section on 'Limiting How Many Files you can Open'.

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