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Why there is no magnification option on Code 39 and Code 128?


The reason that there is no magnification option in the window is because, in contrary to UPC/EAN codes (maintained by GS1), Code 39 and Code 128 don’t have any strict definition of what 100% size means.

So magnification would not be the same between two different companies, etc.

But to help you resize the barcode:

The size of Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes is defined by the absolute value of the narrow bar + characters per unit and (in some cases) the Ratio.

These parameters can be found in the Additional parameters section of the Dynamic Barcodes palette.



We can imagine that other barcode generators may offer a feature to magnify, but they don’t need to keep the parameters understandable (dynamic) throughout the workflow to allow complete regeneration of codes based on these parameters.

This is of course our aim to keep the barcode dynamic.

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