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To view high quality PDF graphics in ArtiosCAD 3D, a graphic must always be in some graphic layer in ArtiosCAD. Such a layer can be an Outside Graphics layer which is created when the ArtiosCAD graphic registration tool is used or a Graphics layer which can be created manually. Graphics can not exist in the Main Design layer and be converted to 3D with high quality. In addition, graphics in other layers (for example, Annotation or Dimensions) will not be brought into 3D.

For more information, see the following:


  1. Assume a graphic is created in PDF and appears as such:
  2. Further assume, I have the ARD in ArtiosCAD and I have added the graphic to the design:

    The graphic is manually registered by moving the graphic to the design. The graphic is in the Main Design layer and no graphic layer has been created.
  3. Convert the design to 3D and set increase the 3D Rendering and Image Quality. The graphics in 3D will appear with poor quality as such:
  4. If this exercise is repeated, except the graphic is properly registered to the design using the Register Bitmap tool, an Outside Graphics layer is created.
  5. When the user converts to 3D and increases the 3D Rendering and Image Quality, the resulting graphic will appear as follows:
  6. Although it is recommended to use the Register Bitmap tool, a Graphics layer can also be manually created and if the PDF is properly sized for the design and manually moved to the design within the Graphics layer, the user will get the same effect.
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