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How do the Registration Mark geometry macros function with canvas in ArtiosCAD 16?


Prior to 14.1.1, Registration Mark geometry macros used library functions (e.g. LIBRARY(DESLEFTX), LIBRARY(DESCENTERX), etc.). With the introduction of canvas in 14.1.1, these macros were changed to use system variables (e.g. #DESLEFTX, #DESCENTERX) because system variables are computed within ArtiosCAD and can therefore be aware of which part is active (see Library functions for canvases).

The new system variables introduced in 14.1.1 were created to be compatible with the existing #MANSIZEX and #MANSIZEY. The #MANSIZE variables, also used by the Info/Blank size dialog and Spec sheet report, size only the CUT lines. Since the Registration Mark geometry macro use these new system variables, this had the effect that registration marks were changed from sizing ALL lines in manufacturing layers (in 14.1.x), to sizing ONLY CUT lines in manufacturing layers.

With 16.0 the “DES” system variables (#DESBLANKX, #DESLEFTX, etc.) have been changed so that they size ALL types in any manufacturing layer and the Registration Mark geometry macros have been changed in 16 so they no longer use the #MANSIZE variables explicitly (Since there is no #DESBLANKX, LIBRARY(DESBLANKX is used in this case and this case has been made a special case to compute properly).

In summary, the Registration Mark geometry macros provided by ArtiosCAD and installed in instlib:

  • in 16.0, 12.x and earlier size all lines in any manufacturing layer, whereas
  • in 14.1.x size only cut lines in any manufacturing layer.
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