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To view higher quality graphics in ArtiosCAD 3D, consider the orientation of the graphic when first brought into 3D as it definitely matters.

For more information, see the following:


Assume this scenario where the user has a carton in one orientation and the graphics are brought into the design upside down from the user's point of view.  (This graphic is a PDF of the original design and the registered graphic but will suffice for these purposes)

If the user attempts to register the graphic, this is how the registration attempt will fare:


The graphic and design must be in the proper orientation. Either the graphic can be rotated 180 or the design can be rotated 180.  In order to view quality graphics in 3D, rotate the design 180 and then register the graphic.

When the design is converted to 3D and the 3D Rendering and Image Quality tool is used, the graphics will appear much better. The reason for this is that the PDF is re-sampled every time the slider is moved. If the graphic in the design and the PDF are not in the same orientation, the transformation will not be considered the same and the image quality will not improve. At the time of implementation, it was assumed that the graphic would be properly oriented to the structural design. There are some instances where that is not the case. The R&D team will investigate this for a future release.

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