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This article explains how you should respond to Norton Security messages that may pop up when installing or using Esko software. These messages are harmless, it is safe to install and use Esko software.


Norton Security can pop up two different warning messages:

  • Download Insight when you are downloading or installing Esko applications.
  • Firewall Alert messages when you are launching or using Esko applications.

Handle 'Download Insight' warnings

Follow the steps given below if a Download Insight warning pops up:


  1. Check the Always allow this file checkbox (if unchecked).
  2. Click the yellow Run this program anyway button. The installation of the program mentioned in the Download Insight warning will proceed as normal and you will not get a message the next time.

Handle 'Firewall alert' warnings

Follow the steps given below if a Firewall Alert warning pops up:


  1. Choose Allow always in the Options drop-down menu and click the OK button (see below screenshot).
  2. The Firewall Alert message box will not appear any further.

Report issues to Esko

Please report issues with your anti-virus software to Esko Support, so we can take appropriate action.

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