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When using the Intersection tool in ArtiosCAD 3D, can I maintain the holes in the parametric 2D?



Assume that this solid is imported into ArtiosCAD 3D:


Further assume that this sleeve is run as a standard and added to the 3D scene with the spray bottle above: 

And further assume, the folded sleeve is filled with the spray bottle via the Copy array tool:


and the Intersection tool is used to create the cutouts:


as such


If the 2D is rebuilt, the holes are not restored.


This is because the 3D Intersection tool does not log the holes as a parametric command back to the 2D.

The ArtiosCAD R&D team will seek to improve this in a future release. Even with a new logged command, the designer may have to modify the holes with some additional information to maintain the location of the holes.

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