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Is it possible to just export the selected design part of a .ARD to a desired output file.


It is possible to export the selection or selected part to any kind of output. Refer the below picture and instructions to set the output of the selection:

  1. Open ArtiosCAD.
  2. Go to Options menu and click on Defaults....
  3. Expand the Outputs folder and further expand the desired output folder.
  4. Double-click or right-click and select the Properties of the output settings.
  5. In the pop up window, go to View tab and set the View selection to Current selection as shown in the picture below. Click the OK button and save the defaults.

You can also set this dynamically on the fly while an output or export is done:

  1. Select the design or part of design.
  2. Click on the desired Output or Export.
  3. In the flyout window set the View selection to Current selection, click OK and proceed with output/export.
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