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The Default Parts Outputs will generate a multipage PDF. If you prefer to have a single page PDF with the correct extension ^01, ^02, etc per part, you can configure a PDF output to be used for your canvas file.


Follow these steps to configure the PDF output to be used for your canvas file

  1. Save the attached libffilenoext.txt file to your SeverLib Language folder.

    Right click and click Save Link as... in the contextual menu.
    [Drive]:\Esko\Artios\[ArtiosCAD Version]\ServerLib\[ArtiosCAD Language]\libffilenoext.txt
  2. Navigate to Options > Defaults... make a copy of the PDF output you want to use for your canvas file and set Output Type > Show in : Parts Outputs.
  3. Navigate to Directories > Plot File : First select From Library Function. Then insert the filename libffilenoext.txt (the filename of the file that was copied to the ServerLib in step 1).
  4. Save and close the Defaults.
  5. Output your Canvas file to Single Page PDF output via menu File > Parts Outputs > etc.


An incorrect modification of values and parameters in the ArtiosCAD Defaults can cause critical problems that might lead to severe problems in the correct functioning of the program. Esko cannot guarantee the proper working of your ArtiosCAD installation due to an incorrect handling of parameters and settings. A reinstall might be mandatory in order to restore the original system state. For this reason, Esko recommends that you take regular backups of the ServerLib (Shared Defaults) folder, the database and the FileStore.

Please contact your local Esko Support team in case you need more advice related to backups.

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ArtiosCAD 14

ArtiosCAD Enterprise 14

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