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Understanding geometry macros: Copying variables from a normal macro


When a normal parametric macro is added to the calling workspace, the macro's menus will be presented to the user. The user has the option to copy the variables to the calling workspace's menus for a later rebuild.  

This feature allows the user to rebuild the geometry in the macro independent of the rest of the design.

When the user selects Copy Variable, the active variable is merged into the calling workspace's menu system. The menu that contains the variable to be copied is also merged into the calling workspace. If there is a naming conflict, the new menu is modified with (x) in the name. If a naming conflict exists between the variable in the macro and the calling workspace, the user has the option to rename the variable.  

So the macro may be logged like this:

GEOMTOOL "gsy_Macro.ARD" POS START(:S:U:U1:R2,2) WITH D=DFLAP1 G=0.5*#I R=0.000000 R1=0.000000 R3=0.000000 T=10.0000 LAYERS ITEMREF (:S:U:U1,3)


  • The macro has an independent variable D.
  • The user wishes to rebuild the macro independently of the main design, so the variables in the macro are copied to stylemaker.
  • The macro's variable D already exists in the main design, so the user renames the variable to DFLAP1 which is then stored in the main design's stylemaker.
  • When the design is rebuilt, the logged command says to run the macro and pass the value of the main design's DFLAP1 to the macro's D variable.

When the user later rebuilds the main design, the user can enter a new value for the macro variable(s):

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