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Is it possible to change/assign a Line Type with different thickness?


Yes, it is possible to change the Line Type thickness and also to create a Line Type with varying rule pointage. To do this, you need to create new Plotting Style and assign the Line Width/ Line thickness to the required line types.

In case you want a line type with different Line Width/ Line thickness, you need to create/insert new line types in the newly created Plotting Style and assign it with different Line Width, where as each Line Width is assigned to line type pointages. Below is an example of a cut line type with different Line Width assigned to its Pointages (when the pointage is changed the line thickness changes).

Follow the instructions to create a new Plotting Style set and modify the rule pointage:

Step 1 - Creating a new Plotting style

  1. Open ArtiosCAD and go to Option menu > click Defaults and expand Plotting Style Catalog.
  2. Make a copy of the Artios3 plotting style and rename it.
  3. Select the new plotting style right click on it to open its contextual menu and go click Properties....
  4. In the next window, check the Advanced checkbox and in the next window which appears, select Retain selection from simple style option and click OK button.
  5. The line type names will change and reset to its technical line type numbers as displayed in the below screenshot but they are still linked to the linetype names in the ArtiosCAD and to check which line type it belongs to, select any of the TYPE and click the Types… button.
  6. In the popup Types window, the line type is identified with a checkbox.

Step 2 - Assigning the Line width to a Line type

  1. By identifying the line types explained in the above step.
    1. Select a line type.
    2. Click the Pointages… button.
    3. Select the Pointage, click OK button.
    4. Set the desired Line Width.

Step 3 - Create a linetype with varying rule pointage

  1. After a new Plotting Style is created as mentioned in the Step 1, insert as many line types as you need as explained in the below steps and assign the Line Widths.
    1. Click Insert button to insert/add new line type in the new plotting style.
    2. Select the newly added line type and click the Types... button.
    3. In the popup window, click Invert Selection button to deselect and assign desired line type and click OK button.
    4. Click the Pointages… button and then click Invert Selection button to deselect and select the pointage to which the line width to be assigned.
    5. Now click the OK button.
    6. Select the Line Width with the line type being selected and click OK button to accept/apply the changes to the Line Type.
    7. Save the defaults and assign this newly create Plotting Style in the Default View Mode. Under Design defaults > double click Default View Mode and in the popup menu replace/assign the newly created Plotting Style from the drop-down menu.
    8. Click OK and save the Defaults. Now your new Line Types with different Line Width is ready.


An incorrect modification of values and parameters in the ArtiosCAD Defaults can cause critical problems that might lead to severe problems in the correct functioning of the program. Esko cannot guarantee the proper working of your ArtiosCAD installation due to an incorrect handling of parameters and settings. A reinstall might be mandatory in order to restore the original system state. For this reason, Esko recommends that you take regular backups of the ServerLib (Shared Defaults) folder, the database and the FileStore.

Please contact your local Esko Support team in case you need more advice related to backups.


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