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An incorrect modification of values and parameters in the ArtiosCAD Defaults can cause critical problems that might lead to severe problems in the correct functioning of the program. Esko cannot guarantee the proper working of your ArtiosCAD installation due to an incorrect handling of parameters and settings. A reinstall might be mandatory in order to restore the original system state. For this reason, Esko recommends that you take regular backups of the ServerLib (Shared Defaults) folder, the database and the FileStore.

Please contact your local Esko Support team in case you need more advice related to backups.


Enabling the PDF as download format to be used on WebCenter will make possible to download CAD files as PDF.

There's a limitation on using the existing output which will generate a PDF with only Main Design content visible, all other layers will not be present or visible on PDF.

This solution was tested on WebCenter 14 and newer.

Only ADMINS or users on ADMIN group are allowed to perform this procedure.


On the ArtiosCAD Enterprise:

  1. Create a new design.

  2. Draw a File Window of any size.

  3. Edit the properties of this file window as shown in the screenshot and save the design on the Defaults project (preferably under Reports Folder).

  4. Proceed with the regular settings to create an Output and make it visible on WebCenter.
  5. This solution has a limitation. All lines will be placed on the same layer on PDF. In order to make it easier to sort or filter, use the file Tune.PDF.UseSpotColors.XML as Tuning Filename on the new Output.


It's recommended to create another report and change the properties of the file window to match with the type of file it's intended to download PDF.

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WebCenter 14 or higher

ArtiosCAD Enterprise 14 or higher

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