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ArtiosCAD 16.0.1 will now send the material name to allow iPC to be able to properly present material information to its user.


A clean install of 16.0.1 will have the correct output. Action will only be needed when upgrading from 16.0 to 16.0.1 or later.


Both sets of outputs exist after upgrading either Conventional or Enterprise ArtiosCAD. To avoid confusion you may want to delete the original and only leave the V2 output. This is recommended even if 16 and 16.0.1 are to be run in the same environment.

To pass the ArtiosCAD board thickness to IPC, you must be using the V2 output in version 16.0.1 or later.


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ArtiosCAD 16, 16.0.1

ArtiosCAD Enterprise16, 16.0.1

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