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Some task technology in Automation Engine can become outdated after many years. There are two possible reasons for this:

  • the functionality is now available via a new and improved technology. For example a task based on a new trapping engine replaces the old ones.
  • the functionality is no longer used in today's prepress environment. For example a task to normalize EPF files, an Esko file format that is not created any more.

Such tasks are first declared “Soon Outdated” and in the next major version it will become “Outdated”.

Replace Outdated tasks before upgrading Automation Engine

If you are using these tasks, replace them with newer equivalent functionality before upgrading to Automation Engine 16 or newer

  • Trap - Create Trap Layer

  • Trap - Prepare Trap Pairs

  • Trap - Prepare and Create Trap Layer

  • Export to GRS File

  • Fork

  • Adjust PDF Screening

  • Image to MJM File (JDF)

  • Export to VRML File

  • Create Nested Layouts

  • Add Parameters for Nesting

  • Make Plate on CDI.

    Customers using the task "Make Plate on CDI" should not upgrade to v16 or newer, but contact Esko support to learn how to proceed.


After server upgrade, these task types will still be visible in your (workflow) tickets but you will notice that they no longer work. You can no longer verify their settings. Not replacing them prior to the upgrade introduces the risk for production stops.


Each task has different equivalents. For example "Trap - Create Trap Layer" has a direct alternative with the "Trap with PowerTrapper" task. While "Fork" indicates you're using chain tasks, and you should convert your tickets to the more powerful canvas workflows.

Consult the documentation

For a complete overview, consult the documentation of the version where these tasks are declared "Soon Outdated".  For tasks outdated in Automation Engine 16, this means you can consult the online  Automation Engine 14.1 manual: Outdated and Soon Outdated tasks in Automation Engine 14.1

Request Esko service

If you feel the need for Esko assistance in replacing the Soon Outdated tasks, don't hesitate to inquire for training on this topic with your Esko account manager.

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