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When might Laserpoint IQ or Interact standards not be rebuildable or fail to run?


Laserpoint IQ standards, like FEFCO corrugated, allow many different style choices. The resulting geometry may be very different for one option verses another. If you start from a Laserpoint IQ standard and add changes to it, you should be mindful that some of your changes may not work if you file is rerun with very different style choices.

When you use Rebuild Design, it defaults to using all the same style choices as the file was last run with - so this is safe. When you use that same file in Run a Standard you can run into problems because the style choices default to what they are in the original standard – not to what they are in your file – so it is easy to pick a different option that hasn't been run with your edits on it.

The ArtiosCAD type standards do not have the same issue because they are based on ARD files rather than I-code script as Laserpoint IQ standards are. I-code script allows for conditional geometry and ARD files do not.

ArtiosCAD standards libraries

The following libraries are ArtiosCAD standard based:

               2b. FEFCO (nur metrisch),

               ArtiosCAD Folding carton, and


Artios Corrugated standards

“1. ArtiosCAD Corrugated” standards are Laserpoint IQ based.



  1. The difference between running FEFCO 201 with Offset scores = NO vs YES. There is one more dimension when Offset scores = YES (highlighted in pink in the bottom right) – it is the dimension of the score offset. This dimension is the 18th item in the Overall dimensions layer.
  2. Say, you create a file using FEFCO 201 and in the third menu, set Offset scores to No. Then select all overall dimensions and group them. Internally, it creates this group as the 18th item. This is what your log file (Help/Diagnostics/Edit Log...) would look like:
  3. Next, click Rebuild Design.
  4. Click Next in two consecutive windows and choose Offset scores = Yes.
  5. When you click Finish, it will fail with “Item number already exists”. The problem is that when it runs your log file and comes to the line where it is supposed to group all the dimensions into the 18th item, there is already an 18th item.

ArtiosCAD 16.0.1

In versions prior to 16.0.1, the group command would crash without displaying any error. ArtiosCAD 16.0.1 can not solve the issue above. It will now present a failure to rebuild error.

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