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I want to use Gmail as an e-mail account to let Automation Engine send automated mails. When configuring and trying to send a test mail, I get authentication errors. 


An error occurs when sending a test mail from the Tools > Configure panel.

Error reads as follows:

Exception of class M_EAuthenticationFailedException
Additional message: 534-5.7.14 etc.


E-mail Setup in Automation Engine

E-mail Setup in Gmail

Google has increased it's security settings and does not allow Automation Engine to communicate. You can setup your Gmail account to accept connections from less secure apps.

In the error message you will find a description of the error following a link to the google website. The link is highlighted in blue in the example below.

Exception of class M_EAuthenticationFailedException
Additional message: 534-5.7.14 <
534-5.7.14 LaZ_n_ADusetlf2yyWSKq8tUFOizeEbboEkar6bivj15MjWJL1wiQ5h9c6DVYKAilJLDm6
534-5.7.14 L1qIjjWKs1DsVk9Vs0UpNwvgoixn9ho72GlsctGkri7fVBJQ24Q2BNh8KEmfPrOdxvP5nS
534-5.7.14 M3rZp4zUAHq5wxrFGItG339K1P16kAMLNxUCtAN0hEeb2ZENWIQUWKFkhE7PKOseydpfUs
534-5.7.14 ieObl303DIby4o7EUsx-InUSDErmk> Please log in via your web browser and
534-5.7.14 then try again.
534-5.7.14 Learn more at
534 5.7.14 x124sm8326622wmf.22 - gsmtp
  1. Copy and paste the link in your browser and connect using your google credentials.
  2. In the Sign-in & Security tab go to Connected apps & sites.
  3. Go down and enable the Allow less secure apps option.

You should now be able to send e-mails from within Automation Engine.

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